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About AMystical1

Merry Meet and Welcome to Amystical1.
My name is Aislyn, which means Dream.

This is how it all began for me, this long and beautiful path that I walk.

How did I find the Path? I didn't. It found me!

I am and have been an Individual Practitioner for many years, probably more than I can remember. I have been a Maiden, Mother, and now a Crone. I was born in a small town in Indiana and moved to Texas when I was a young girl. I live and reside in a very rural part of Texas.

My dreams and visions as a young child were always very intuitive. As I grew older I could not seem to fill that hole that seemed to be growing inside me. Always thirsting for more knowledge, I knew that there was more to God than I had been taught or had been told. I felt that He/She was not nor should be one to fear. I read everything I could to try and understand this thing inside me that kept telling me there was more to Spirituality and my journey eventually brought the Wiccan Path to me.

My curiosities and questions to life's mysteries continued to lead me in many directions and as a young maiden, I was drawn to the magick of divination tools and their practices. While I have, and continue today to use most all forms of divination, I have found throughout my lifetime that my intuitive abilities are best served through the use of scrying mirrors.

I have walked this path a long time, and I have seen many things. My beliefs are quite simple: I believe in harming none, the Rule of Three. And I try very hard to live by those very basic simple rules. I do not judge nor condemn one's faith, as I believe that whatever fills that hole inside us is where we should be and the path we should be on.

It does not matter what you call your God/Goddess as we are all children of the Universe, none above, none below. God/Goddess is gentle, kind, loving and would never want us to live in fear of him/her, but only to live in love and light with respect for every living thing that the God/Goddess has blessed us with. Also to try and teach those who fear us, that there is simply no reason to fear, as one always fears that which they simply do not understand.

Walk along this path with me, feel and experience the things that I feel and see. It will be both fun and educational, as I always walk in the light of my Lord and my Lady. With this my parting words to you, the children of the Universe:

"May the long time sun shine upon you, all light surround you and the pure light within you shine your way home. May love be above you, below you, and surround you and may you always feel loved in…light."

Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again and Blessed Be my Friends,

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