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As It Is Above, So Down Below
Raven - Wiccanswerks

As it is above, so down below. The road is wide, the road is long, yet our souls have traveled it for so long. "What do yea seek? The wise old man asked." I seek all that is above and down below, I said. To this he said, "why look for something that is already there, but to find it one must care."

So I took his advice and put it in my purse and traveled to the skies to see if it were there. The wise old man appeared and said "What are you doing up here? "Looking for what I seek up here." He laughed and said all that is above is also down there, and gave me a wink and disappeared.

I put on my wings and flew down below and yes, he was right, all that is above is also below. I pondered his words as the sun did a dance, slowly it ebbed as I watched it entranced. I know now that when I seek all the answers of life, it is the beauty of the soul that is above and so below.

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