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The Dream
Author Susan Kennedy

One fateful cryptic night
A sardonic journey ascends
One slightly sleepless slumber
A peace-quest without end...
O'er mountains of eminent desire
Through valleys of fluent hope
Surrendering all my aura as
Caressing emotions elope...
Abruptly, I stood alone
Paseo del Rio dry and bare
Suddenly, my ginned venture home
Echoed a most ironic snare...
For, certainly, as I felt the dusty winds
I pondered all rhymes and reasons
Weighted out verses of homesick assent
Thus, feeling the passing of by-seasons...
Sensing the experiences' culmination
Tears on my lips tasted of margarita lime
"Woe," my grievous heart denounced,
"I'm going to miss you for a long time..."

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