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Theatre of the Absurd
Author Susan Kennedy

There are those who speak the gift of gab
Endlessly filling voids with empty words
The more they speak, the less I listen
Witness the Theatre of the Absurd...
There are those choosing speech no more
In-depth silence scathe my ears
Unspoken drama ciphers my thoughts
Spectacles in their mute premier...
There are those with whom my words disagree
I shall rise and glide above the fray
Darting fork tongues attempt to swing me low
They comprehend not what they do or say...
There are those of you who need to know
Before you, I am the designated scribe
Impartial observer, depot of all relevance
Prime member of a most sanctioned tribe...
Then, there are those lacking mutual respect
Common and simple, shown for all to bless
From it, I expect no more
Of it, I'll accept no less...

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