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Author Ladyluna
(Melinda Bachman)

Bless the trees, There is still so much unseen beauty in this world. All humans have to do is open their eyes and take a look. They're all around us, but most are to busy or blind to see.

When I walk outside and see a tree, I smile at the beauty it gives me. Their thick long trunks and branches high above, makes me pick one out, walk up and give it a hug.

It's abundance of beautiful green leaves way up high. I see all the beauty and it makes me want to cry. For the humans of the world are slowly making them die.

Each and every tree gives us the air we need to breathe. For certain groups of people are slowly making them die. Each and every tree gives us what we need to be alive.

Every human, animal and plant needs air to breathe. In these peoples eyes all they see is money and are making us all slowly die. There will be no animals in the trees as they will die just as we.

Humans better open their eyes and soon, or everything on this earth will cease to bloom. The Druids believed that all trees were alive and could speak. If a Druid was asked, what to do right today. They would say awaken each and every tree and wake them up right away.

Wake Up! Wake Up! it's your time to speak out. Please wake up and help us make this planet what it needs to be. If we don't wake up the trees and soon one day. We will cease to stand just as the trees on the land. Everything on this earth will just be dust.

So, wake up everyone and do what you must! So that all humans, animals and living things, will have a beautiful place to lay their things. Bless the trees, as many do everyday. So Mote It Be!

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