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History Of Scrying

Since the Ancient Times, divination in the form of scrying has been the manner in which Witches step through the veil to the Otherworld, to see what cannot be seen.

Scrying is an ancient act of divination for the purpose of attaining clairvoyance. It is one of the earliest forms of divination in recorded history, appearing in China in 3000 BC, Egypt in 2500 BC, and Ancient Greece around 2000BC. Clairvoyance is achieved through this form of divination by focusing, gazing, staring or concentrating on an object until a vision appears.

Scrying comes from the english word "descry" which means "to make out dimly" or "to reveal." Throughout history there have been many purposes for scrying. Listed below are some examples of the knowledge that can be obtained through this activity;

• Divining the past, present and future
• Find lost objects
• Locate lost people
• Contact spirit guides
• Communicate with deceased loved ones
• Access knowledge
• Healing, awareness and self improvement
• Accessing the astral plane
• Shamanic journeying
• Ritual invocation and evocation

Great prophets and seers, with most all using some form of scrying have come and gone throughout history. In Greek, Roman and Celtic eras prophesies were made by oracles while scrying into lakes, pools, or large bowls of water or ink. The Egyptians studied and practiced dream scrying and the Druids were renowned for and practiced cloud scrying. Native Americans practice a special type of smoke scrying and Gypsies and fortune tellers use mirrors or crystal balls to scry and glimpse into the future. .

Arguably the most well known and famous prophet, Nostradamus, is said to have used a black obsidian mirror as well as a dish filled with ink to make his famed predictions. During his lifetime Nostradamus recorded hundreds of “quatrains” about future events. In 1555 “Les Propheties de M. Michel Nostradamus” was published. Some of the historical events Nostradamus predicted were the war with Napoleon, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the rise and the fall of Hitler, events in the British monarchy such as the abdication of Edward VIII, and the assassinations of Lincoln and John and Robert Kennedy. He also predicted three reigns of terror by persons he named as “antichrists”. Nostradamus quatrains did not go beyond the year 3797. According to a letter written to one of his sons, the seer claimed this is the year the world will end.

Other well known prophets include, the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith who is said to have contacted angels using a 'seer stone' and also the infamous magician John Dee and his partner Edward Kelley who used an obsidian crystal for scrying in their experiments

As you can see the objects used for scrying are innumerable and many means have been employed to see visions, read mystical signs, symbols and divine the future.

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