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Since the Ancient Times, divination in the form of scrying has been the manner in which Witches step through the veil to the Otherworld, to see what cannot be seen.

Cleansing and Consecrating your Mirror

On the night of the full moon

Make a mugwort tea, put some on a soft cloth and wipe your mirror,and frame.

Take your mirror outside in the light of the full moon.

Ask the Goddess that all negativity be removed from the mirror.

To lock your powers in your mirror, think of a magickal word. Use this word while cleansing and consecrating the mirror by placing your finger on the mirrors center and saying your magickal word three times.

Between speaking each word, remove your finger from the mirror and breathe through the spot. Allow your psychic energy to mingle with the energy of the mirror!!!!

Your mirror can be charged each month by the full moon if so desired (although it’s not necessary, but up to the individual).

Remember the magick is inside each one of us!!!!

Blessed Be

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