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To help us honor and remember the Ancient Ways I have assembled some wisdom about the Craft in this alcove.

Read on to learn more about our history, shadows, memories, and workings of the Craft.

On to the Shadows...

A View of Wicca

I don't know the author who originally wrote the following passage, but it has circulated around the world many times over with good reason: "I couldn't have put it in better perspective and words".

"Magick is only a part of Wicca. Wicca/Witchcraft is a lifestyle; it's not a 'Sunday Morning' thing. It's every day, every moment connecting yourself with the energies of nature. It is honoring the God & Goddess. It is a Reverence of the Earth. It is accepting Majick. It is accepting Reincarnation. It is not Proselytizing.

"Honoring the God & Goddess. We honor the God and Goddess for the balance they represent. In all of nature there is the male and female, should not the divine also have these qualities?

"Reverence for the Earth. The Earth is a living entity, a gift from the divine. We feel that the Earth and its species should be protected. Let's face it; we know that there is a limit to natural resources. Should they not be conserved and protected? Should a species become extinct merely for man's vanity? Of course not.

"Accept Magick. All religions practice magic, most religions call it prayer. My prayer is a spell. The saying 'A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet' or 'You say Potato, I say Patato' comes to mind. A prayer or spell is asking for divine assistance. We view magick as a natural part of life.

"Reincarnation. This is a hard concept for some to accept. The skeptics claim it is impossible because there are more people alive today than in the past, true. My thoughts, imagine a cauldron full of the essence of conscious, all souls start there and return there. Memories from 'past lives' are shared between the essences. When a new vessel, body, is ready to receive a soul a portion of the essence is doled out. Reincarnation follows the circle of nature, spring - a time of birth; summer - a time of growth; fall - a time of maturity; winter - death; spring...

"No proselytizing. Am I with this site trying to convert you? No. We believe that there are many paths to the divine and none wrong. If you choose not to be Wiccan, I and all Wiccans will respect that decision. We won't show up on your door asking for you to visit our Circles. We are not going to force Little Johnny or Mary to become Wiccan. We will be available should you want to ask us a question - but I for one am not going to hit you over the head with my Book of Shadows and demand that you become a Witch."

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