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October -2006 is the time of the Blood Moon, also known as the Barley Moon .

Full on October 6th in the sign of Aries at 1:32 am ET.

The New Moon on October 22nd is at 1:14 am ET in the sign of Libra, and enters the sign of Scorpio at 3:54 am ET.

October 31st the Sabbat of Samhain and the Witches New Year the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and enters the sign of Pisces at 9:10 am ET.

Moon’s Spell October 2006

Samhain is one of the Greater Wiccan Sabbats, it is one of the most Sacred of the Holidays and the Witches New Year. Samhain has many names such as Shadowfest, Martinmas, Old Hallowmas, All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Feast of the Spirits, Third Harvest, All Saint’s Eve, and the Celtic New Year.

Samhain, is the Third and final Harvest and marks the end of Summer, and the beginning of Winter. It is a time to study the Dark Mysteries, and is a time marked by death, when the Dead are honored. It is the Witches New Year, representing one full turn of the Wheel of the Year. Samhain is a time outside of time when the boundaries have been lifted, and the spirits from the other world can enter into ours. The doors are open, it is a night for divination, the past, present and future merge. The dead and the still to be born are celebrated. As we bid the God a sad temporary goodbye, as he goes to prepare himself for his rebirth at Yule, we know that he will be born again of the Goddess, when the wheel of life turns once again.

Let us remember and honor those of the Burning times and cry for their sacrifices, all those relatives and friends that have departed this life and have gone to the Summerland. Know that they have brought us these admonitions for herein lies the way of the Witch, we walk not in the dark of doubt, but we walk in the light of Wisdom and love, always climbing out of the shadows to achieve the higher realms of the Spirit. As Witches we celebrate the Wheel of Life, and we know that even as the body dies, the spirit will survive to be born again. Spell works for Samhain should be for protection, neutralizing harm, removing stress and negative energy from your life, it is a time to reflect and look within, recognize your own part in the eternal cycle of Life, so that when you rise in the spring, you will be transformed.

Life she teaches is meant to be lived—it is beautiful and terrible, temporary…but everlasting. Walk from one year to the next with hard earned knowledge, and without regret.

This is the season of the seed - it is a time of dormancy, but also a time of re-generation for growth. As the seed rests in the earth, we should also take time to rest and re-valuate our lives, planting only those values which will enrich and enhance the growth within the Divine Self.

In living we die - in dying we live
The fruit is first seed, yet seed comes from the fruit
In the mystery of life and death and rebirth
The Circle turns ever, and we are its root.

It is customary in a Samhain Ritual to take an apple and cut it crosswise, as the apple is the fruit of Wisdom and the Fruit of Death, and say, Whose symbolism rewards us with life eternal. When cut the inner of the apple displays the pentagragm, the five-fold star- the promise of Rebirth, then one takes a piece of apple and sips from the cup of wine- of life.

Samhain Chant:

The Moon is bright, the Crone is old
The body lifeless - the bones so cold
We all live and pay our dues
To die in ones and threes and twos.

Death, dance and play the harp
Piercing silence in the dark
The Woman's old with withered limbs
Death beckons Her to dance with Him

As She accepts the Dance of Death
The Earth is cooled by ghostly breath
To lie in dormancy once more
To have Her strength and life restored

All ye spirits who walk this night -
Hearken! to my call!
I bid you in our Circle join!
Enter! - one and all!

Come ye, spirits of the dead:
Be ye spirit of plant or pet
Or human being who still roams!
Into this Circle you are let!

Speak to us of things unknown!
Lend your energies to this rite!
To speed your journey, we have joined
On this sacred Samhain night!

All ye spirits who walk this night -
Hearken! to my call!
I bid you in our Circle join!
Enter! - one and all!

Bestow blessings upon the dead, saying:
That someday, we as well, shall rove
We offer peace unto their souls
While resting in your arms, below

by Kalioppe

Wishing all who pass this way a Happy New Year! And a Blessed and Magickal Samhain.


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